sunday, 12/24 @ 7:00PM

candles - carols - impromptu Christmas pageant -
choir & chocolate in an informal, participatory and kid-inclusive setting.

Check out a video of one our past instant pageants on YouTube @CAPCOakland


FRIday, 12/21  AT 7:30PM

Join us on this the longest night, shortest day of the year - the Winter Solstice.  It's the reason for which we celebrate Christmas in the Winter (near the solstice) rather than in the Spring (when it most likely happened historically).  This first day of winter, the shortest of the year, is the point where the light seems the most absent in our darkness,....and yet.  Our service will be one of chants and meditation, and walking a labyrinth of light....all to claim the promise that the light shines in the darkness and cannot be overcome.  While most of Advent and Christmas is a time of hype and merriment, it's also a time of loss, sadness and mourning for many....this night is space made for that darkness in the midst of the brightness of the promise of Christmas.



Come join us in your favorite Christmas Sweater - or any sweater! - as we celebrate this last Sunday before Christmas. We'll also be collecting our annual offering to benefit the work of Witnessing Ministries in India with the Dalit people



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Online E-Devotions

During the Season of Advent Pastor Monte will be writing daily meditations on his blog. They'll alternate between music, poetry, scripture reflections, and stories of saints who changed the world in faith.  You can find them starting Sunday, December 2nd online at

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The Deacons Tree

CAPC continues its annual tradition of offering opportunities to assist those in the congregation and community with special needs at this season that have come to the attention of the Deacons. You can find these opportunities mixed among the ornaments on the Christmas tree in the coffee hour room. Also, alert the Deacons if you know of a need appropriate for the Tree.


Birthday for Jesus


New this year is an opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ birth by helping to share God’s word to the world he came to save and to be an example of servanthood. You can find envelopes hanging on the Christmas tree for your offering along with a card for you to complete and take home or hang back on the tree. This opportunity is sponsored by The Gideons’ International, which our church also supports through our Missions Budget. We’ll hear a special presentation on Sunday, December 9th.

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We will be taking a special offering at the December 23 service as we have annually for many years in support of the outreach to the Dalit of India by Witnessing Ministries of Christ, another group we support through our Missions budget. A central focus of WMC is on educating the children of Dalit in schools to help break the cycle of poverty that entraps them. This year, our offering will return to its roots as we are designating it for sweaters for the school children. Please remember to save up your coins – and silent money is welcome too.

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