September 8-10, 2017

We're combining two sister church communities to create an even more vibrant church retreat experience.  CAPC Oakland + First Presbyterian of Alameda = way more fun!

Some details about the retreat include:

  • Two-Nights’ Lodging 
  • Meals prepared by St. Dorothy’s staff 
    • (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch)
  • Four Workshop Sessions with Retreat Leader 
  • Supervised children’s program during retreat sessions
  • Special Teen Program 
  • Worship and Communion in Historic Redwood Chapel
  • Music, Fellowship, and Games
  • Free Time for Rest, Relaxation, Fun, and Sightseeing

Registration and Deposits starting May 14th to August 27th, 2017

Register NOW, Availability on a first come/first served basis

Fill out a registration form at coffee hour or register on line using the form below.

(scroll to bottom of the page)

Registration Fees:

Regularly $230
NOW ONLY:  $180

Regularly $210

Youth: (13-18) Dorms
Regularly $210
NOW ONLY:  $100

Children (3-12):  Regularly: $125
Infants and Toddlers <3:  

Check out and tour where we're meeting : St Dorothy's Rest in Camp Meeker without leaving your home thanks to YouTube. 

We've organized the retreat in the hopes of maximizing participation of community members from both churches.  This requires significant fundraising, which we believe is worth it in order to create a whole-church retreat experience!  Instead of offering scholarships to a few people, we are scholarshipping everyone so that any and everyone can participate.  Check out the deals on the fees for this year's retreat.

You can register now, using our online reg form below.  Or you can download a paper version of our registration form and send it to our registrar Marge Harvey at CAPC Oakland
Make Checks payable to College Avenue Presbyterian Church

[5951 College Avenue Oakland CA 94618]

No refunds for cancellations after August 27th, 2017

Questions? Registrar: Marge Harvey 510-823-4716
Retreat Coordinator:  Bruce Johnson 510-908-4156

You can also register online using the form below.

You must click on the box labeled "SUBMIT"

on the bottom left-hand side of the form in order

to send the information to the registrar.

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Transportation Issues:
Can you bring food for snacks, kids’ program, or coffee breaks?
Do you have limited mobility; requesting housing with fewest stairs/walking required
Accommodations Requested & their Price

Please fill out one Retreat Registration Form per family. Registration is due by August 27th, 2017

We are not taking online payments for the retreat at this time as the cost to process the monies is prohibitive and raises the cost of the retreat significantly.