We partner with our Spanish-Speaking Sister Church Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana here in Oakland to offer free English as a Second Language Classes week-nights here in Oakland. These classes are offered nightly, taught by volunteers with formal and informal training. Many, if not most, of the student language-learners are recently arrived immigrants and refugees who know that PIPH is a safe place and come to learn and/or improve their English in hopes of finding better work, integrating more into the life of Oakland, and meeting new people.

We have a team of volunteers from CAPC Oakland who help teach the intermediate/advanced class each Monday night from 7-9pm. We have on average between 5-10 teacher-volunteers, which enables us to have a class that is one-to-one (or one-to-two) conversation. A specific person serves as the lead teacher guiding the entire class in the conversation-based activities that we do for the evening. So you don’t need an ESL degree or certificate to get involved. If you can read this, you’re more than qualified!

If you’d like to get involve sign-up via the form below which once submitted will go directly to Pastor Monte who will contact you. We will not share your private information with anyone else.

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Resources and Schedule for the Current ESL Term

Take a look at the next upcoming lesson(s) to see if you’d like to help be a lead teacher or have a creative idea to curate small group conversation using the language skills we’re aiming to develop. Talk to Monte to commit to those roles and specific dates.

Course Outline and Objectives from the leadership of PIPH | bilingual PDF

Class 1 - May 6 : Testing with OUSD

Class 2 - May 13: Learning American Greetings & Expressions, revising Verbs in the Present Tense | PDF

Class 3 - May 20: Irregular Verbs in the Present, Negative & Interrogative (question) Phrases, Contractions, and Prepositions of Place. Preposition Game Competition | PDF

NO CLASS May 27 - Memorial Day

Class 4 - June 3: Connecting Different Ideas with Conjunctions | PDF

Class 5 - June 10: Practice using the verbs TO WANT, NEED, LIKE, KNOW and learning about how to set the table | PDF

Class 6 - June 17: Asking and Answering common Yes-or-No questions | PDF

Class 7 - June 24: Asking for & Giving Directions (revising Prepositions of Place) | PDF Lesson | PDF Map Activity Sheet


Class 8 - July 8: Simple past tense of verbs. Practicing small talk & Talking about the 4th of July | PDF

Class 9 - July 15: Irregular past tense of verbs | Learning about California | PDF

Class 10 - July 17: the Future Tense and related expressions | PDF

Class 11 - July 22: Talking about goals, hopes and plans | PDF

Class 12 - July 29: Review/Final Evaluation | PDF

Celebration & Promotion - Wednesday, July 31st @ 7:00pm