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As we enter our 101st year of living and serving the greater good from our location on College Avenue in Oakland, we're looking to how we can best serve the greater good of 21st century Oakland in the next years.  Can you help us discern, develop and paint a new picture of how we will be a a church in the next years by answering the three questions below?  It should only take a few moments.  Your answers don't have to be long or complicated - or even complete sentences.  It can be a word, short phrase or idea. Thank you!


For example....Is it a church? Do you go to services there? Is it a place of spiritual direction, education, parenting help, music, social action, for youth? It is serving the poor, weekly meals, Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe it’s not really anything, with a marginal role.
For example....Who is it serving? What are its priorities? What role in Rockridge?; Oakland? Who does it work with? What does it offer?
If so, tell us how you might like to do that, and include your name and email so we can contact you if needed to collaborate together.
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Painting the Picture of our Past, & Looking to Paint the Picture of the Near Future...


College Avenue Presbyterian Church first began August 21, 1890, as the culmination of conversations among Oakland residents who had been attending Second United Presbyterian Church in San Francisco.  Increasingly these families felt motivated to found a United Presbyterian Church in Oakland.  These founding families first met in homes, inviting guest pastors to lead them in worship until formally organized as a church in 1890, with 27 charter members. In June 1894 they began meeting downtown at the church structure they succeeded in building.  


In, 1913, after the devastation of the San Francisco fire, in a time of dramatic change and huge population growth of Oakland, the church  bought a a new lot (our current site).    The premise for moving to the new location was motivated by the insight that downtown Oakland was heavily churched,  and that a church can do the most good in a residential area, and that the people who need a church most are not the ones who will travel to a downtown church. The congregation moved from the down-town location into the present facility on September 23, 1917, eventually followed by a Service of Dedication on November 4th, 1917.    


Over the past 100 years CAPC Oakland has been involved in serving the greater good of Oakland, serving as a center of community life as the Claremont-Rockridge areas developed, birthing a unique ministry with departing soldiers during WW II, seeking to help as Rockridge changed with the building of Highway 24 and BART, developing and hosting one of the early Senior Centers for Senior Oakland citizens, cooperating with neighbors to create and host an annual Thanksgiving Dinner (for over 35 years!) and for 30+ years serving a free hot meal on Friday nights.


As we mark 100 years in Rockridge, the neighborhood and city has dramatically changed.  And yet our vocation to serve the greater good, born of our spiritual convictions, remains the same.


We need you to help us identify and articulate how we can best be church today and in the years to come.  Can you invest 5 minutes to help us paint the picture of how together we can serve the greater good of Oakland?  If so, fill out and submit the form above.  Be sure to click on the SUBMIT button at the end to finish.