We meet each Sunday morning before our worship service to study together and dialogue.  We gather from 9:30-10:15am in the library (behind the sanctuary).  Our time together is primarily one of discussion, following an initial time of teaching and exposing the unique and problematic elements in the selected text.  Any and all are invited.


A 2017 Lenten Vocabulary of Faith Bible Study

Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:15am starting, March 5th.


Sessions will be organized around the following themed questions:

Class 1: What is the Bible?  When and how was it written?  Who decided what was in the Bible and not? How has history impacted it?  [DOWNLOADABLE CLASS 1 PDF]


Class 2: What’s in a word? Language – the Bible exists in a different language.  Is there a difference between translating and interpreting? How do we deal with those complexities and nuances?  Tools, Resources and Practical Helps. [DOWNLOADABLE CLASS 2 PDF]


Class 3: Do we look to the Bible for guidance, or confirmation?  Exegesis vs Eisegesis.  Interpreting Scripture. [DOWNLOADABLE CLASS 3 PDF]  and  Helpful How-To Handout.


Class 4: What happens when the Bible contradicts itself?  Difficult texts. Reading is unavoidably interpreting. How do you apply it to your life? [DOWNLOADABLE CLASS 4 PDF].


Class 5:  Putting the skills we’ve learned and discussed together Reading together Luke 24:13-35 As you read through today’s passage ask yourself some questions as we apply some of the skills that we’ve learned together over the past weeks to exegete the text, or in other words to listen for what the Spirit of God may be saying to us today through and in this ancient text.  [DOWNLOADABLE CLASS 5 PDF] and [TEXT TO STUDY]


Class 6 & 7 :  Understanding the larger story of the Bible and the role of metaphor in scripture.


Reading from The Bible Makes Sense by Walter Brueggemann.  [PDF]

LINK to the OnBeing podcast of Eugene Peterson talking about metaphor and the Psalm.

"Entering Into What Is There"


Class 8 : Reading the Beatitudes - putting it all together.  [PDF]


Look for weekly blog posts and information online [HERE].