We meet each Sunday morning before our worship service to study together and dialogue.  We gather from 9:30-10:15am in the library (behind the sanctuary).  Our time together is primarily one of discussion, following an initial time of teaching and exposing the unique and problematic elements in the selected text.  The principal goal is to teach skills and resources to help read the scripture texts thoughtfully through their historical meaning, vocabulary, Biblical intertextuality in view of glimpsing what they might mean for us today. Any and all are invited.


Living Like Exiles

Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:20am in Fall 2019


Our Fall Series is on developing a nurturing our faith with creative imagination as we root ourselves in the metaphor of live in Exile and Diaspora.  The goal is to instill and mature a sense of creative historical imagination among our community in the way that we might see the story of today's challenges, collapsing society, great emergence of something new with and through the lens of the similar stories of the Babylonian Exile.

I'm inspired in large part by a quote from Walter Brueggemann in his book The Bible Makes Sense :

"The faith of Israel is that exile is not a permanent condition.  God wills the people to be settled safely in a world where they are at home politically and economically, as well as psychologically and spiritually.

The call of the Gospel is to leave what is organized against the promises of God and to be on the way to the place where God's purposes have power."

The Bible isn’t my story, or your story, rather it’s our story. It’s never a closed book of past events, but an invitation to RE-define reality. The stories of the bible invite us into the covenantal history of the Bible. In order to do so we have to read the Bible as insiders, even if we are in the face of things outsiders to the language, thought patterns, culture and historical assumptions.

Throughout the Fall we’ll wrestle with the stories of the Exile and Homecoming which are central to the larger story of faith revealed in the Bible, perceived in history, and emerging in our own life.

If God’s work is to bring people home: from the exile from Eden, to Babylon, under the Romans, in the Middle Ages, and now in the collapsing of our world based upon the ideas of the Enlightenment, what is the hope for us today in 2019?

Find our weekly readings and textual study sheets created by Monte HERE. You can also engage in this teaching series via Monte’s weekly blog posts on our blog HERE.