We meet each Sunday morning before our worship service to study together and dialogue.  We gather from 9:30-10:15am in the library (behind the sanctuary).  Our time together is primarily one of discussion, following an initial time of teaching and exposing the unique and problematic elements in the selected text.  Any and all are invited.


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Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:20 am, starting June 17, 2018

This Summer we're doing a new 9 week Sunday Morning Class using curriculum proposed by the group Reclaiming Jesus.

The group is creating a movement to reclaim the meaning, message and mission of Jesus based upon the following conviction: "Our urgent need, in a time of moral and political crisis, is to recover the power of confessing our faith. Lament, repent, and then repair. If Jesus is Lord, there is always space for grace. We believe it is time to speak and to act in faith and conscience, not because of politics, but because we are disciples of Jesus Christ—to whom be all authority, honor, and glory. It is time for a fresh confession of faith."

The class is one based around conversation engaging scripture and our own individual, and corporate, understanding of who Jesus is and what Jesus is about.