We meet together on the first Tuesday of each month from 7:30-8:30pm for a no-hostTheology on Tap discussion.  It's a safe, informal, non-judgmental space for asking questions, sharing thoughts and wondering aloud.  Any and people are invited and welcome.


We meet at The Golden Squirrel
Across the street from the church
5940 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618


Past discussions have revolved around the questions:

  • Conversation - What is it?  Why do we have so much trouble having them today?  Can we envision "faith" as a conversation? [PDF]
  • Science, Technology and Faith: when do we cross the line of acting like we are gods and knowing our place as created creatures?  [PDF]
  • Should faith and politics be separate?  
  • What is prayer for you?  
  • Do you have to be part of a church community to be spiritual or religious?
  • Epistemology: How do you know God is?  Can you make someone else know that truth? [pdf]


Upcoming Meeting Dates


Tuesday, August 8th

(we're changing the August date due to summer schedules)

Tuesday, September 5th

Tuesday, October 3rd

Tuesday, November 7th

Tuesday, December 5th