We meet as a community each week for worship together on Sunday at 10:30am

at our campus  5951 College Avenue, Oakland 94618.

Find directions to our campus and parking tips HERE.

Our service is casual with folks dressing according to California Bay Area style from jeans to trousers, shorts to dresses.  Those who worship with us live from the flats to the hills, permanently and marginally homed.  We gather after each weekly service for coffee and snacks for 30-45 minutes.  

We do have a program for children K-6th during the service using the Godly Play curriculum.  Kids start with the whole community in the service before leaving about 10 minutes later.  Our youth group meets on the 1st & 3rd Sunday nights of each month.

You can learn a bit more about who and how we are today through text and images on this website, and also by the glimpse that some of our other online spaces may give you here.....  Blog | FB | Twitter

We are a group of diverse people actively gathered in a common hope.


We believe that a church is not the four walls of a building, or the institutional organization of a religious non-profit; but rather the community, actions and cooperation that happens among and between us as we gather in our common hope that God is alive, changing, healing and liberating the world (and us by extension) to its full potential in Jesus the Christ.  

We are firmly rooted in our city of Oakland, where we've been both located and practicing our faith since August 21, 1890.  While we're historical, we're also contextual: aiming to be church for our city today, not the city of the past or how we were church in the 1950s.  We base our programming and community organization around three key words : safe | open | real


"The idea that the church is to be the body of Christ is not just something to read about in theology books and leave for the scholars to pontificate about.  We are literally to be the body of Jesus in the world.  Christians are to be little Christs: people who put flesh on Jesus in the world.  YOU are the only Jesus some people will ever see.  The promise of the church is this: none of us alone are Christ (that's blasphemy), but all of us together are Christ to the world (that's ecclesiology)."

- Shane Claiborne, in Jesus for President 


All photography provided by Monte McClain


WEDNESDAY, 12/21  AT 7:30PM

Join us on this the longest night, shortest day of the year - the Winter Solstice.  It's the reason for which we celebrate Christmas in the Winter (near the solstice) rather than in the Spring (when it most likely happened historically)...  More info...

Christmas Eve Service Icon_SM.png

SATURDAY, 12/24 @ 7:00PM

candles - carols - impromptu Christmas pageant - choir & chocolate in an informal, participatory and kid-inclusive setting. More info..



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