Deacons :

according to the founding principals of our national Presbyterian Church (USA) the work of the deacons is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. In our church community the Deacons help to organize concrete ways in which we respond to physical, emotional and spiritual needs of church community members and those outside that definition who ask for help.  They sponsor our yearly Thanskgiving Day Meal as well as facilitate our weekly give away of food to those in needs.  The Deacons meet monthly on the last Sunday of the month to organize, collaborate and address emerging needs.  Our current Deacons, elected by our congregation include:


  • Anne Marie Adams 
  • Bill Beatty 
  • Benjamin Bencomo 
  • Fredora Darmstadt 
  • Annette Laverty 
  • Chuck Marut 
  • Elaine Price 
  • Toni Proulx
  • Cristina Ramirez 
  • Jeff Trowbridge, chair


Ruling Elders :

according to the founding principals of our national Presbyterian Church (USA) they called to ministry in partnership with teaching elders (pastors).  Elected by the congregation, their vocation is to lead the church, with responsibilities in several areas of the life of the church including exercise in leadership, governance, spiritual discernment, and discipline.  In modern English we might identify them as the board, or council that governs the church addressing financial, legal, staff, and policy issues, but more importantly setting the spiritual tone of the community, acting to make our space a sacred and safe one and partnering with our pastor in the spiritual care of our community members and those who live within our geographical parish boundaries.  Our current ruling elders, elected by the congregation include:

  • Beth Beatty 
  • Linda Davis 
  • Louise Hirschman 
  • David Kittams 
  • Sharon Nelson
  • Patt Schroeder 
  • Ward Stothers 
  • Gary Yee

Staff :

Our staff exercise both a vocation and a profession, working to ensure the leadership of our congregation, the staffing of needs that go beyond volunteer capacities and exercising unique gifts of leadership that are needed by our community.  Our staff includes:

  • Mahri Holt : office manager
  • Pete Feltman : minister of music
  • Rev. Monte McClain : pastor, or "teaching" elder