Faith may be a personal thing, and often is a private experience.  Yet it's also public and impossible to divorce from the life that we live in the public square.  And in that paradox, living our faith in the public square isn't merely a question of how loud (or softly) we may try to proselytize others.  It's our faith, the biblical mandate that we have encountered in Jesus the Christ to love God with all of who we are and to love others along our path in the same ways.


In our community of faith we're seeking to empower each person to live their faith also in the public square in how they spend their time and money, how they articulate their moral imagination and ethical values and how we stand in solidarity with each other and all of creation.



Banner Engagement

In our divided, disaffected and politicized culture we're seeking to be a community that is other-inclusive and affirming not from any political perspective or politically correct language, but rather from our hearing of scripture which teaches that we are all created together in God's image, that we are called to love God with all of who we are and to love others in that same way; and that when we encounter the poor, the widow, the orphan, the broken, the refugee, the immigrant and the asylee, that we are encountering Jesus.


In that vein we've curating an articulation of faith in the public square byhanging a banner that proclaims such biblically-based neighborly love, created by fellow Presbyterian David LaMotte.  You can learn more about his inspiration and his goals for community engagement on his website.



The (re)Emerging Sanctuary Movement


Are you interested in learning more about how to stand nonviolently both for the protection and safety of immigrant and refugee neighbors, as well as how to act to protect them?  Here are some concrete helps: local trainings, downloadable information and other links.


What is the modern Sanctuary Movement? What does it look like and involve [download packet]