Music.  It’s one of the languages of our faith.  It gives voice to our thanksgiving, lamentation, grieving and praise. In our following of Jesus, lyrics of hymns and songs are often as meaningful to our journey as specific scriptures.   Music is a language of our faith.

This year our church session stepped forward in faith to acquire a barely used piano this past year.  Music plays a central role in our community at CAPC.   The piano is both a symbol of our future and also a catalyst for creating new connections and momentum in our church community. 

Increasingly many in the Western World are saying that the Church is dying.  Many experience an unveiling; perhaps we’ve known and/or thought about the church is being revealed as not quite true.  We lament a loss of both the past, and our previous expectations.  But when I look around, I see God breaking forth with new growth, new life, new ways of being for God in our world.  We can glimpse this in our Recreation VBS, our Friday Night Meals, our relationships with others on College Avenue, and how we share our building with others for the common good.  

We come together each week to talk about the hope of this new life and to become it through God’s power. This hope and power can be seen in how we’ve already made it half way in our effort to pay off the piano.  We spent $11,000 and have already received nearly half of that amount since December.   That means we have roughly $5,500 to raise to finish paying for this investment.

We’re gathering this Sunday, July 17th to celebrate our new piano and the potential for new community which we have just begun to explore It’s a day of music starting with worship at 10:30am, followed by a concert, choral performance, jam session and some improvisation both from members of our congregation and the wider community.  We’re distributing CDs of the songs and hymns we sing regularly at CAPC, made by our Sunday Band led by Pete Feltman.  Be sure to get your copy! We’re also aiming to raise the remaining monies needed for the acquisition of the piano.  You can give financially on Sunday as well as on our website, as a response to what God is already doing among us.  Every gift is welcome.  Every gift matters.

You can safely donate online to our piano fund by using Paypal via the secure link below.