Faith is more than just dogmatic orthodoxy, believing the right thing, or saying the correct words.  Faith is trust, placing one's trust in something bigger than ourselves, transcendent, wholly and holy other.  Practicing faith is what we might call the work we do each day to live into and from that relationship of trust and confidence.  The Apostle Paul writes that we work our out faith with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).  He also talks about the life of faith as a race - one that we are called to finish, to run with endurance.  These disciplines and practices are ways in which we rediscover balance, receive vision, get outside of ourselves to be realistic about who and how we are and who and how are world is.


In the Church, we have begun to rediscover ancient practices, translate them into our 21st century context and live Christian faith today through such practices.  Curiously while the Church in the West has begun to realize the vacuum that we've practiced in our way of being church together, our larger cultural - in particular our American corporate culture has also tapped into this language for which there is a great thirst.  Mindfulness.  Taizé songs.  Silence.  Rest.  Friendship.  Sabbath. Meditation.  These are among some of these practices that are not necessarily unique to the Judeo-Christian tradition, but which have long held an important place in the living out of faith.


Resources to Feed You in Your Spiritual Practice


Resources from the PCUSA Published Book Lord, Teach Us to Pray: