Blessing of the Animals

Sunday, September 25@ 10:30am

- worship outdoors in the garden with our furry, feathered and finned friends.  

  At CAPC Oakland we celebrate our furried, feathered and finned family members on the last Sunday of September each year with an outdoor service in our garden.

 The blessing of pets and animals is often celebrated on October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, or on a Sunday near that date.  Francis was a radical man of peace who transformed the world and the church through his simplicity, authenticity and service of the poor - through which he modeled the way in which we are all connected.

He was known in his life for several miraculous doings, one of which includes saving the Italian village of Gubbio from a ravenous and pillaging wolf.  Legend says that Francis spoke with the wolf, explaining to him that his actions were destroying the town and the livelihood of the villagers.  He also invited the villagers to feed the wolf so that he wouldn't need to attack their flocks (or them) for sustenance.  Archaeologists have found the ancient skeleton of a wolf buried among the foundation of an ancient church in the town.  Read more about this story...

The Blessing of the Animals is a tradition that grew from the life and example of Francis and strongly resonates with many today, include many of our community of faith.  Our blessing celebration is a concrete way for us to love on our animals and pets (both living and the cuddly stuffed kind loved by so many younger folks) and also to celebrate the connection that we have with each other, our city and all of creation.

The blessing takes place during our simplified outdoor service located in our church yard along College Avenue.  You can bring any and all of your animals.  Know that you need to be responsible for your pets.  There is live amplified music of the bluegrass type played.  If loud noises scare your pet be aware of that and adapt accordingly.  If you have pets that have trouble in crowds or don't play well with other animals please bring them in a crate, or seat yourself accordingly in order to ensure the safety of all.


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